Ever since hearing my brother’s 2011 song Tiger On Your Arm, I’ve wanted to have the tiger from his album artwork (designed by my girlfriend) tattooed on my arm as part of my full sleeve. Finally got it rolling a few months ago, it’s been 5 sessions / 14 hours of inking since.

There’s still a bit more to be done to link my older upper arm designs in with this new one, and a bit of touch up work to be done but we’re pretty much there. The tiger’s face has yet to heal properly, but I got impatient and wanted to share it!

I filmed Sam performing Tiger On Your Arm a little while back, you can see it here: https://vimeo.com/52413145

And check out the whole album, Tiger Balm, available on Yer Bird records: http://yerbird.com/pickering-pick-albums/

My tattoo artist is Claire Dunn, based at Third Eye Dermagraphics in Cheltenham. She’s designed it all with the exception of the tiger itself. Cheers Claire!

Team Dair’s Mo’bros compete in the Big Mac Challenge for Movember!

Pickering Pick performs Stay By Yours from his album Prayer Flag. 

As always, lovingly shot and edited by myself.

Buy one or more of Sam’s albums! www.pickeringpick.com and Yer Bird

Pickering Pick performs a cover of “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want” by the Smiths. 

Filmed in California, September 2012.

Here’s Sam performing Tiger On Your Arm from last year’s brilliant album, Tiger Balm.

Shot in California, September 2012. Edited just now.

Check out my brother’s music here www.pickeringpick.com or buy Tiger Balm from Yer Bird Records.

eliot & lucie.

My niece and nephew, mucking about this summer. And Rufus, my favourite Lab.

Shot on an iPhone 4S.
Edited on FCP7.
Graded on Magic Bullet Looks 2.

A bit of a laff: A promo I cut for a fake TV show about two surveillance detectives in New York, after Oli & Dave went there on a job & clearly spent half their time pissing around. Ace & Base!

Here’s something I shot & edited at work a few weeks ago for the Squash & Racketball Foundation. It’s a pretty straightforward promo, but it was fun to film the kids on their London inner-city rooftop playground & nice to meet the world’s top players…

sprintjulep said: what device do you use to record your videos? I love your roller derby shots :)

Thanks! I filmed the derby videos on my Canon 7D (digital SLR) with a few different lenses, but mainly a 17-70mm Sigma lens. The Canon 550D is much cheaper and has very similar filming abilities though, if you’re thinking of going down the DSLR route…

Some of the other films on my tumblr are filmed on my iPhone, like the ones of me little niece Belle. Edited with Final Cut Pro 7 and After Effects CS5.

Here’s another Roller Derby vid - The Bristol Roller Derby girls & guest rollers the Beasts of Bodmin met up for a double header on the 11th March, which I went along to film.